F.D. Singh Raghave vs Directorate General Border Roads … on 15 October, 2015

1. The petitioner, in these proceedings under Article 226 of the
Constitution of India, seeks directions to the respondents to fix his pension
pro-rata for the period he was in Central Government employment. He also
seeks release of his corresponding terminal dues, such as gratuity etc.
2. The brief facts needed to decide this case are that the petitioner joined
the Central Government in the General Reserve Engineering Force (GREF),

W.P.(C) 1923/2007 Page 1
a wing of the Border Roads Organization (BRO) on 28.04.1962. He
apparently applied to the National Projects Construction Company (NPCC)
for the post of Sectional Officer (C), in February, 1975. By letter dated
22.02.1975, he was asked to inter alia, present a “no objection” letter from
his existing public or Government employer- in case he was a public servant.
He attended the interview and was selected for the post. He sought two
years‟ lien from the GREF, his employer. On 03.04.1975, NPCC asked
GREF to release the petitioner as he was urgently required to work in its
project. Accordingly on 19.04.1975, the GREF issued a movement order,
facilitating the petitioner to join NPCC. On 27.04.1975, he joined NPCC and
started working in that organization.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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