Ex-Servicemen Welfare Union And … vs Union Of India And Ors. on 29 January, 2016

Subject: Extension of benefits to SFF-PBORs.
Sanction of the President is hereby accorded to extend the
following benefits to SFF PBOR (Leaders and Trainees) at par
with the Indian Army Group ‘Y’ PBORs.
(a) Grant of pension and other pensionary benefits of SFF
PBORs (Leaders/Trainees) as applicable to corresponding ranks
of Indian Army Group ‘Y’ PBORs.
(j) Parity in pay and allowances (including annual
increment) between SFF PBORs and Indian Army Group ‘Y’
PBORs except grant of Military Service Pay.
2. The above benefits will be revised automatically as and
when these benefits are revised by the Ministry of Defence in
respect of Indian Army PBORs.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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