Ex.Ct.Dharam Pal vs Union Of India & Ors. on 27 July, 2016

2. On May 16, 2005 the petitioner was assigned duty at Naka Point No.2
of Border Out Post 24′ Fwd. The petitioner did not report to duty and around
8:30 PM the absence was reported to the ‘Coy’ Commander of the Battalion
but around 9:30 PM, the petitioner was found near his assigned piquet in an
inebriated condition by the ‘Coy’ Commander Deepak Rana. He reported the
matter to the Competent Authority who drew up an offence report, in
compliance with Rule 43 read with Rule 44 of the BSF Rules, 1969, listing the
following charge against the petitioner:

W.P.(C) No.10461/2006 Page 1 of 9
Place and date Offence
of offence
B.O.P. 24-O BSF Act-1968-Section 16 (c) in that he, at Naka Point
Forward 85 Bn. No.2 of BOP 24-O Fwd on 16.05.05 at about 21:40 hrs
BSF. when sentry on Naka duty at the said piquet was found
16.05.2005 intoxicated.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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