Eih Ltd. & Anr vs Sahana Realty Pvt. Ltd. & Ors on 5 July, 2018

2. The plaintiff has invoked the territorial jurisdiction of this Court by
pleading as under:

―52. This Hon’ble Court has the necessary territorial
jurisdiction to try and entertain the present suit based on the
a. Under Section 20(c) of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
since the cause of action has arisen within the territory of
this Hon’ble Court since the Plaintiffs’ consumers within
the jurisdiction of this Hon’ble Court have sent enquiries to
the Plaintiffs regarding the association / connection /
affiliation of the Defendants’ OBEROI THREE SIXTY
project with the Plaintiffs, evidencing the consumer
confusion that is being caused to consumers in Delhi owing
to the Defendants’ infringing activities. Confusion amongst
customers is an integral part of the cause of action in the
present suit and the same has arisen within the territorial
jurisdiction of this Hon’ble Court. A copy of one such
enquiry received through letter dated January 3, 2017 is
being filed herewith.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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