Dtc vs Rajbir Singh on 19 July, 2018

2. The brief facts as emerge from the record are that the respondent had
been appointed as a Driver with the petitioner/DTC initially on daily wages
and was thereafter regularized w.e.f. 18.01.1983. It is the petitioner‟s case
that the respondent was involved in repeated acts of negligence due to which
he had been issued warnings from time to time and on 14.05.1993, he was
issued a charge-sheet, pursuant whereto an inquiry was held against him.
Based on the report of Inquiry Officer holding him guilty of the charge, a
memorandum dated 10.08.1993 was issued to the respondent, to which, no

WPC No.3789/2006 Page 1 of 4
reply was submitted by him. In these circumstances, the respondent was
terminated from service vide order dated 01.10.1993, leading to a reference
being made to the Industrial Tribunal on the following terms:-

Source: Indian Kanoon

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