Dr. Bhim Sen Singh vs The University Of Delhi & Ors. on 7 January, 2016

1. In view of the order dated May 15, 2015, the only relief that

survives for consideration in this writ petition is the following:

2. It is the submission of Ms. Jyoti Singh, learned Senior Counsel

appearing for the petitioner that even though, the ordinance XII of the

University does not prescribe reviewing of the suspension, on expiry of

certain period, the respondent No. 2-College has adopted the CCS

(CCA) Rules, 1965 („Rules of 1965‟ in short) to govern the departmental

proceedings and the same is clear from page 510 of the paper book

wherein it was noted by the learned Enquiry Officer, on an issue of

applicability of Rules of 1965, on the statement made by Mr. Mittal,

learned counsel for the college, that the college authorities have no

objection in following the principles of Rules of 1965 in respect of

departmental enquiry against the petitioner as well. She states, in view

of such a statement, the Rules of 1965 deemed to have been adopted in

toto to govern the suspension of the petitioner herein as well. In that

regard, she would rely upon the judgment of the Supreme Court in the

case reported as 2010 (2) SCC 222 Union of India Vs. Dipak Mali 1999.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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