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Disha A. Ravi vs State (Nct Of Delhi) & Ors. on 19 February, 2021

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2. The present petition has been filed by Ms. Disha Ravi who is stated to
be an environmental activist seeking various reliefs against the Police, the
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (hereinafter Ministry of I&B) and
various news channels in respect of what are allegedly attributed leakage of
her messages and various other investigation material which has been
broadcasted and disseminated by the TV channels at the behest of Delhi
Police. The case of the Petitioner is that she was arrested on 13th February,
2021 in Bangalore and was brought to Delhi. She was sent on police remand
vide order dated 14th February, 2021 by the Duty Magistrate, Patiala House
3. She claims that after her arrest during the process of investigation,
various messages, etc. were leaked by the police to the media, resulting in a
large number of programs, news bulletins and online dissemination of
various private messages and interventions which were broadcasted. Some
of the bulletins also made allegations that she is associated with various
illegal and unlawful groups. It is the submission of Mr. Akhil Sibal, ld.
Senior Counsel appearing for the Petitioner that the official Twitter handle
of Delhi Police released various comments about the investigation which is

W.P. (C) 2297/2021 Page 2 of 11
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Signing Date:19.02.2021 17:23:53

going on and these formed the basis of the reports by the News channels. He
also alleged that the Petitioner apprehends that various messages were
leaked by the police to the media. He submits that there are four reliefs that
the Petitioner claims in this writ petition. Firstly, that the alleged WhatsApp
conversation ought to be removed from the public domain and the police
should be directed not to disseminate anything, which is not part of the
public record. Secondly, media houses ought to be directed to comply with
the program code and the advertisement code. Thirdly, the Delhi police
ought not to share the investigation files and lastly that the police ought not
to conduct any press briefings.

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