Dharambir Singh vs M/S Hindustan Unilever Ltd. And … on 15 September, 2015

1. Dharambir Singh while working as Fitter, Grade II with respondent
No.2 management was transferred to Faridabad on October 17, 2002 due to
exigencies of work and requirements of employees at Faridabad. Though
Dharambir joined Faridabad Unit however he challenged the transfer before
this Court by way of writ petition being WP(C) No.6771/2002 which was
ultimately dismissed and the appeal against the same being LPA No.86/2005
was also dismissed vide order dated January 28, 2005. While working at
Faridabad Unit, the work at Faridabad Unit ceased to exist and the Unit
remained without production which was finally closed down on December
19, 2003. Hence Dharambir was removed from service vide letter dated
December 19, 2003. Dharambir filed an application in WP(C) No.
6771/2002 which was pending at that time on which initially a stay was

granted however finally vide order dated November 24, 2004 the same was

Source: Indian Kanoon

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