Free Judgments

Devendra Kumar Jain & Anr. vs Sanjeev Goel on 3 December, 2021

1. Present application has been filed by the plaintiffs under Order I Rule

10 read with Section 151 CPC seeking impleadment of Mr.Ranjit Bansali,

proprietor of Oswal Electricals as defendant to the present suit.

2. Learned counsel for the plaintiffs submits thatat the time of filing the

present suit, the plaintiffs were under the bona fide impression that the

defendant No. 1 was operating fromthe premises located at BA-15, Phase 2,

Truck Market, Mangolpuri Industrial Area, Delhi- 110083. However, during

CS(COMM) 446/2019 Page 1 of 9
the execution of the Local Commission on 24.09.2021, the plaintiffs came to

know that the saidpremise was controlled and operated by the proposed

defendant no.2 and not by defendant no.1. Learned counsel for the plaintiff

further submits that now no relief qua defendant No.1 is sought and thereby,

his name be deleted from the Array of Parties mentioned in the Amended

Memo of Parties dated 01.12.2021.

Source: Indian Kanoon