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Delhi Transport Corporation vs Shri Ram Kumar on 11 February, 2016

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1. Challenge in the present Writ petitions is to the impugned Award

and order passed in I. D. No. 688/96 and O.P. No. 301/94 respectively

arising from a single incident, i.e., allegation of misconduct qua against

the respondent-workman.
2. The brief facts stated are that the respondent-workman, i.e., Shri

Ram Kumar was in the employment of the petitioner-management, i.e.,

Delhi Transport Corporation as a conductor, B. No. 15879. On

10.05.1994, while the respondent-workman was on duty in bus No. DL 1P

9606 on route No. 094/B, the said bus was intercepted at Wazirpur Depot

by the checking officials of the petitioner-management, i.e., Shri Rajvir

Singh, T.I. (who was reporter of the case), Shri Braham Dutt, Shri Bheh

Ram and Shri Dhan Pal Singh (A.T.I.’s) and Shri G.K. Tyagi, Shri Ram

Krishan and Shri Mahavir Singh (conductors), and it was found that ten

passengers in two groups of five each who had been travelling from

Rohini Outer and I.S.B.T. to Railway Station were found without ticket

although the fare had already been collected by the respondent-workman

and the abovementioned conduct of the respondent-workman tantamount

to misconduct within the meaning of para 19 (b), (f) and (m) of the

standing orders governing the conduct of Delhi Transport Corporation


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