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Delhi Transport Corporation vs Kanwar Singh on 24 July, 2015

1. The respondent was employed as a Driver by the Delhi Transport
Corporation on June 14, 1978 and while driving a bus on December 07,
1991 was involved in an accident. He was suspended on December 21,
1991. Departmental proceedings were initiated against him. For the
accident in question an FIR was registered and after investigation a
charge-sheet was filed. Pursuant to a voluntary retirement scheme
notified in the year 1995, respondent’s request to be voluntarily retired
from service was accepted and with effect from April 30, 1995 he stood
voluntarily retired. Being a Member of a Contributory Provident Fund
Scheme, respondent received the amount lying to his credit in his account
under the Contributory Provident Fund Scheme; and needless to state this

included the management’s share credited in the account each month
along with the amount deducted towards respondent’s contribution. After
seven years the respondent filed a writ petition on December 01, 2005
pleading that on November 27, 1992 DTC had introduced a pension
scheme membership whereof was opted by the respondent and thus he
should be paid the pension.

Source: Indian Kanoon