Dart Industries Inc & Anr vs Polyset Plastics Pvt Ltd & Ors on 1 August, 2018

1. The plaintiff has filed this suit against the defendants for
infringement of its designs of bottles and caps in any size including
500ml, 750ml or 1 litre bearing the impugned designs or any other
designs as may approved or obvious imitation of the plaintiff’s design
registration no. 221424 and 221425 amounting the infringement thereof.

2. The plaintiff alleges:
a. the plaintiff no.1 is a company incorporated under the
laws in Delware USA and the plaintiff no.2 is a company
incorporated under the Companies Act 1956. The plaintiff’s
belong to Tupperware Brands Corporation. The plaintiff
no.1 being its subsidiary located in Florida USA;

Source: Indian Kanoon

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