Court takes suo motu cognizance on basis of news report and directs State Goverment to pay compensation of Rs. 1,00,000 to a rape victim

Jharkhand High Court: Taking suo motu cognizance on
the basis of news report published in the ‘Hindustan Times’ dated 29th August,
2015 relating to sorrow and disheartening aftermath of a poor labourer father
and a nine year old girl, who is victim of rape, the Court directed the Member
Secretary, Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority (JHALSA) with the Chairman,
District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), East Singhbhum for providing best
medical assistance, care and protection to the victim girl.In the present
case, the victim girl was lured by the local driver with some chocolate before
raping her and later on, she was abandoned by a riverside with a ruptured
intestine.  She was referred to Ranchi
hospital by the local hospital authorities. She underwent a colectomy in Ranchi
to remove her damaged intestine and at present she has to use a colostomy bag. After
the successful surgery, doctors managed to check the bleeding and discharged
her; but her wounds have to be dressed regularly at home. As per the newspaper
report, the father walks four km to the nearest health centre each time to have her
dressing changed because the Maoist-hit area has no public transport
and he cannot afford even a bicycle.On the basis of
the news report, the Court took suo motu cognizance and directed the State of
Jharkhand to pay interim compensation of Rs. 1,00,000 to the father of victim
girl. The Court also directed the Deputy Commissioner to submit a detailed
report on or before the next date of hearing, of all the steps taken by the
administration to alleviate the suffering of the rape survivor. [Court on its own motion v. State of
Jharkhand, W.P. (PIL) No.  4105 of
2015, decided on August 29, 2015]  

Source: Legal news India

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