Consulting Engineering Services … vs Ministry Of Defence on 2 December, 2016

CM No.44607/2016 (leave to file lengthy synopsis)

1. This is an application seeking leave to file lengthy synopsis.

2. For the reasons stated in the application, the application is allowed.
The lengthy synopsis is taken on record.

WP(C) 11366/2016 Page 1 of 3
W.P.(C) 11366/2016 & CM No.44606/2016 (for ex-parte relief)

1. The petitioner impugns order dated 24.10.2016, whereby, the
petitioner firm has been banned from further issuance of tenders for a period
of three years with immediate effect and also with a caution that appropriate
liquidated damages, as per contract conditions, are to be imposed on the
petitioner firm.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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