Conference on Legal Convergence in Asia

[The following is an announcement]The Singapore Academy of Law is organizing an international conference on “Doing Business Across Asia: Legal Convergence in an Asian Century” on 21 & 22 January 2016 in Singapore.The background to the conference is set out on the website as follows:A trend of rising economic integration amongst Asian countries has led to a homogenising effect upon many cross-border trade practices and regulatory mechanisms. Among the business community, it has led to a desire for increased convergence of cross-border business laws, improved legal infrastructure and harmonisation of regulatory standards across Asia.The challenge now lies in determining how such convergence should be brought about. To what extent is convergence possible and feasible? How do we identify the inconsistencies which undermine cross-border business? What legal solutions are desirable and acceptable? How can the business community and legal fraternity assist the convergence process? How can law makers and judicial institutions play an effective role?To discuss these vital and challenging issues, the Singapore Academy of Law is organising an international Conference on 21 and 22 January 2016 in Singapore. The Conference will bring together policy makers, regulators, members of the judiciary, and top leaders from the business and legal communities in the region and beyond to debate and to provide critical insight to these discussions.The Conference will also witness the launch of the Asian Business Law Institute; an Institute based in Singapore that will initiate, conduct and facilitate research and produce authoritative texts with a view to providing practical guidance in the field of Asian legal development and promoting the convergence of Asian business laws.Further details regarding the convergence project and the Asian Business Law Institute can be found in an op-edby Lee Suet Fern & Sriram Chakravarthi and in this news report.Readers of this Blog may be interested in the following aspects of the conference highlighted by the organizers:- To gain an insight into and be part of the dialogue on how the forces of legal convergence will influence Asian growth – To hear from leaders of Asian businesses how legal and regulatory hurdles affecting the growth of businesses in Asia can be removed- To understand how legal convergence will impact how you and your clients do business in Asia- To hear Senior Judges speak about the role of Asian Courts in promoting legal convergence- To network with leading policy makers, business leaders and legal professionals – To participate in the launch of the Asian Business Law Institute – a Singapore-based think tank set up to promote the convergence of Asian business laws.

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