Commissioner Of Income Tax … vs Indian National Congress (I)/All … on 23 March, 2016

654) as under:
“The availability of disproportionately larger resources is also
likely to lend itself to misuse or abuse for securing to the political
party or individual possessed of such resources, undue advantage
over other political parties or individuals. Douglas points out in
his book called Ethics in Government at p. 72, “If one party ever
attains overwhelming superiority in money, newspaper support,
and (Government) patronage, it will be almost impossible, barring
an economic collapse, for it ever to be defeated”. This produces
anti-democratic effects in that a political party or individual
backed by the affluent and wealthy would be able to secure a
greater representation than a political party or individual who is
without any links with affluence or wealth. This would result in
serious discrimination between one political party or individual
and another on the basis of money power and that in its turn
would mean that “some voters are denied an ‘equal’ voice and
some candidates are denied an ‘equal chance’ “.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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