Chander Mohan Khanna vs State Of Punjab & Anr. on 16 May, 2018

2. On 25th January, 1983, the petitioner was placed under suspension “on
account of serious irregularities committed by him in the accounts of
Kapurthala House Canteen”. This was followed by the issuance, to the
petitioner, of a charge-sheet, dated 20th April, 1983, alleging commission, by
him, of misconduct, in the matter of issuance of credit bills instead of cash
vouchers on the catering side, and fraudulent usage of such credit bills. It is
not necessary, in view of the march of events since then, to allude, any

W.P.(C) 776/2003 Page 1 of 15
further, to the specifics of the said charge-sheet.

3. Inquiry proceedings followed, resulting in the passing, by the Chief
Secretary to the Government of Punjab, as disciplinary authority of the
petitioner, of Office Order, dated 8th March, 1984, ordering removal of the
petitioner from service.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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