Centre For Public Interest … vs Uoi And Anr on 13 January, 2016

% 13.01.2016
1. This petition by way of Public Interest Litigation was filed on
26.04.2006 with the following prayers:
2. On the basis of certain investigative reports published in weekly news
magazine “Outlook” in its edition of 20.02.2006 and 27.02.2006, it is
alleged in the writ petition that the agreement by respondent No.1 and 2 with
the French Government and Thales (a French Company) on 07.10.2005 to
procure the Scorpene submarines is actuated with mala fides and extraneous
considerations and that the same needs to be thoroughly investigated.
3. The allegations in the petition included that the respondent Nos.1 and
2 went ahead with the deal despite having knowledge about the involvement
of middlemen as pointed out by the Central Vigilance Commission and the
CVO of Ministry of Defence way back in 2002; though CVC in its report
had informed the respondent No.1 that one of the companies involved in the
deal, namely, DCNI (the manufacturer of Scorpene submarines) was
blacklisted by the CVO of Ministry of Defence, the respondent Nos.1 and 2
went ahead and signed the deal; four months after the signing of the deal,
though it was exposed by a respectable news magazine about the
involvement of the middlemen and payment of huge commission/bribes, the
respondent No.1 failed to take any steps to review the deal and order an
investigation but merely ordered an inquiry by CBI against some of the
Naval Officers into the issue of the leak of classified information of the
Navy which led to the exposure of the involvement of the middlemen in the
Scorpene deal.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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