C&C; Constructions Ltd. vs Il&Fs; Trust Company Limited & … on 23 January, 2017

EFA (OS) Nos.4/2017, 5/2017 & 6/2017 Page 2 of 7
2. The recitals to the agreement record that the investor i.e. India
Venture Trust is a fund established and is being managed by India Venture
Advisers Pvt. Ltd. As noted above, while setting out the parties to the
agreement it is recorded that IL&FS Trust Company Ltd. is the sole trustee
of India Venture Trust. The promoters referred to in the agreement whose
names are set out in Annexure 1 have signed the agreement through the head
of the group, being Gurjeet Singh, Charanbir Singh, Rajbir Singh, Sanjay
Gupta and Amritpal Singh. The origin of the technical and legal points
decided by the learned Single Judge vide impugned order dated November
03, 2016, and which were re-argued in appeals arise in aforesaid backdrop
of the signatories to the CCPS Subscription and Investors Rights Agreement.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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