Call for Submissions: The Indian Journal of International Economic Law

The Indian Journal of International Economic Law is now accepting submissions for its upcoming issues – Volume 8(1) and 8(2).The Indian Journal of International Economic Law (IJIEL) is a law journal published by National Law School of India University, Bangalore (NLSIU) under the patronage of the Indian government sponsored chair on WTO Law. The Journal is oriented towards publishing academic work that considers the legal issues in the field of international economic law from a comparative perspective and/or the perspective of the developing world. The IJIEL accepts academic submissions in the form of articles, notes, comments or book reviews. The Journal is already indexed on Manupatra and will be available on HeinOnline by April, 2016.Volume 8(1):Continuing with the past tradition, Volume 8(1) will be a general edition dealing with a host of legal issues in the field of international economic law, which includes multidisciplinary research concerning the WTO, trade laws at various levels of government, financial institutions, regulatory subjects such as taxation and competition policy, various services sectors such as banking and brokerage, linkages to human rights and cultural problems and international commercial arbitration.Volume 8(2):This year, considering the contemporary relevance of the Trans Pacific Partnership, IJIEL is coming up with a special issue on the “Implications of Trans-Pacific Partnership”. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to reshape business practices and trade law regime across the world. We have already received a very enthusiastic response to this edition and hope the student community would also want to contribute to the scholarship on this contemporary topic.IJIEL is now accepting submissions for both the issues under the following categories:1.     Articles (5000 to 12000 words) must deal with a theme of interest or importance comprehensively and are expected to show an extensive coverage of existing literature and a high level of analysis.                2.     Essays for the Law in Focus section (3000 to 5000 words) must concisely analyse contemporary legislations, landmark treaties or other specific issues in international economic law of a contemporary nature.3.     Case Notes, Legislative Comments and Book/Article Reviews (2000 to 7000 words).The Editorial Board invites submissions for Volume No.8(1) and 8(2) of 2016. The Journal follows a rolling submissions policy and the deadline for the forthcoming volume is 25 March 2016.The submissions received after this date shall be considered for the next volume. The submissions must relate to any of the broad themes mentioned above or any other aspect of international economic law, with a focus on developing country perspective.Chief Editor: Shimal Kapoor                                               Convernor: Lavanya Chawla

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