Bucon Engineers And … vs Indraprastha Gas Ltd And Ors on 25 January, 2017


W.P.(C) 681/2017 & CM No.3130/2017 (stay)

1. The petitioner, by the present petition, seeks a direction to
respondent No.1 to permit the petitioner to participate in the forthcoming
tender for laying gas pipeline in NCT of Delhi and Rewari. The last date
for submission of the tender is 31.01.2017 at 3:00 pm. Further direction is

W.P.(C) No.681/2017 Page 1 of 3
sought against respondent No.2 to hold the proceedings in the appeal filed
by the petitioner, impugning the order dated 31.03.2016,
suspending/putting the petitioner on holiday. It is contended that, on
account of the said order, banning the petitioner, the petitioner is
suffering civil consequences and is not able to participate in various
tenders. It is further submitted that an appeal has been filed on
28.04.2016 and the same is not being decided by the respondent No.2.

Source: Indian Kanoon