Bharti 3G Solutions restrained from using trade name “BHARTI”

Delhi High Court: In the present case, the plaintiff’s (Bharti Enterprises) filed a suit for permanent injunction rendition of accounts, passing of, delivery up, etc against the defendants (BHARTI 3G SOLUTIONS LIMITED) from violating and infringing their rights in the trade name/mark “BHARTI” and the mark/logo/label ÄIRTEL” as also the plaintiff’s domain name and for restraining them from passing of their services as that of the plaintiff.
The Court further issued summons and granted an ex parte ad interim injunction in favour of the plaintiff. In furtherance, the defendant No.1 proceeded to delete the domain name “” and immediately thereafter, the plaintiff had taken steps to have the captioned domain name registered in its favour as submitted by the Plaintiff’s counsel. The suit was thereafter disposed along with pending application. [Bharti Enterprises v. Bharti 3g Solutions Ltd., CS(OS) 1206/2014, order dated 08.12.2015]

Source: Legal news India

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