Badol Farazi vs The State Represented By: … on 6 May, 2016

2. Process of law was set into motion on receipt of DD No.4A at 9.05
AM on May 06, 2008 at PS Amar Colony through the PCR exhibited as
Ex.PW-17/A informing that a lady was staying alone at C-13, Dayanand
Colony and was not opening the door of the house. On receipt of Ex.PW-
17/A, Inspector Manoj Kumar, PW-27 along with Constable Sanjay PW-16
reached the spot and found the dead body of a female lying on the floor
which was identified to be that of Smt.Nirmal Madaan by her grandson
Manav @ Sunny Madaan, PW-5. Statement of Manav Ex.PW-5/A was
recorded by SI Ram Jeet Singh, PW-17 on which FIR was registered.
3. Manav stated that he was residing on the second floor of House No.C-
13, Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar-IV; on the first floor his paternal aunt
Smt.Madhu Madaan was residing whereas his grandmother Smt.Nirmal
Madaan aged about 71 years was residing on the ground floor. On that day
i.e. May 06, 2008 when he was sleeping in his room, around 8.45 AM
Mukesh s/o Krishan Nandan Singh, who used to work with his grandmother,
came and stated that his grandmother had not opened the shop and thus
called him downstairs. Manav and Mukesh went and knocked the door of
his grandmother’s floor however, nobody opened the door. They went to
the rear where they found the door of rear portion open thus they made a call
to the police. After the police reached, he jumped over the grill on the rear
portion. Manav found his grandmother lying near the bed in a pool of
blood. She had knife injuries on her hands and in her mouth broken portion

CRL.A. 262/2016 Page 2 of 17
of the knife was stuck. One almirah was found open and belongings
ransacked. Manav also stated that his grandmother had kept a boy namely
Badal, aged around 20 years, slim body, wheatish complexion, 5.5 ft. in
height, as domestic servant, who used to work in STD booth as well and
used to sleep at the residence. Badal was missing from the house. Thus he
suspected Badal for having committed the murder of his grandmother and
robbing valuable articles. Besides the earth control, handle of knife lying at
the spot along with the jeans pant and a belt lying in the backyard of the
house purportedly belonging to Badal which had blood stains were seized.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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