Awanish Kumar Mishra vs State on 25 October, 2021

2. Facts, in brief, leading to the present petition as under -:
a) The instant FIR was registered on the complaint of one Dr. Sanjiv
Gemawat who stated that his erstwhile subsidiaries namely OCL
India Cements Ltd. and Dalmia Cement East Limited were

BAIL APPLN. 1947/2021 Page 1 of 25
interested in making mutual fund investments in May 2017 and
for this purpose, they availed the services of the depository NSDL
National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and its participant,
Allied Financial Service Private Limited (AFSPL) through which
account opening forms were signed and the respective DMAT
Accounts bearing client ID No. 1006126 in the name of Dalmia
Cement East Ltd on 20.02.2017 and client ID No. 1006129 in the
name of OCL India Cements Ltd. on 10.05.2017 were opened.

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