Avinash vs State ( Nct Of Delhi) on 3 June, 2016

2. Process of law was set into motion when HC Chintamani, PW-7 sent
a PCR message at 8.45 PM on December 22, 2009 recorded vide DD
No.28A at PS Samaipur Badli, informing that three boys were beating and
robbing one boy, a pistol has been found and HC Chintamani was coming
along with the boys to the police station. At the Police Station, statement of
Dharmender Ex.PW-2/B was recorded wherein he stated that he was
residing at Nehru Enclave and was working in a private company at
Gurgaon. He took bus from Karnal by-pass and got down near the Siraspur
Gurudwara bus stand. While he was walking down towards his house at
around 8.30 PM suddenly four boys came towards him swiftly and gheraoed
him. Before he could understand anything, one of the boys took out a pistol
like instrument which he came to know later was an airgun and kept it on his
left ear. The three other boys caught hold of him. The boy who had kept the
airgun on his ear asked him to take out whatever was in possession of the
complainant. The boys also assaulted him with slaps and fists. Being
afraid, the complainant gave his purse which was snatched away
immediately by the boy who was carrying the pistol. The other boy took out

CRL.A.Nos.88/2015 and 117/2016 Page 2 of 9
his mobile phone Nokia from his pocket. The boy who was having the
pistol gave the purse to another boy whereafter the fourth boy snatched the
bag from his shoulder. While the four boys were running away,
Dharmender shouted due to which two police officers came running from
the PCR van which was at some distance and they caught hold of two boys
out of the four. The name of the boy who had kept the airgun on his ear was
revealed as Avinash s/o Bahadur Singh and the other boy who had taken out
the mobile was revealed as Ravinder s/o Inderjeet. Thereafter the PCR
police officials took him and the two boys to the Police Station where his
statement was recorded.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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