Asim Chowdhury vs M/S. Swagatam Tours & Travels (P) … on 16 July, 2015

1. The appropriate Government made a reference on July 21, 1995 to the
Labour Court, which reads as under:-
2. The Management referred to in the reference : the respondent, is M/s
Swagatam Tours and Travels (P) Ltd.
3. As per the Statement of Claim filed by Asim, he pleaded that he was
employed as a driver on November 16, 1992 and that his last drawn wage
was `1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) per month. He joined the New
Delhi General Mazdur Union which raised a demand of he being not paid
minimum wage, and angered by said act of his, the Management illegally
terminated his services on January 07, 1994, without any notice pay or

retrenchment compensation. He pleaded that in spite of a demand notice
dated January 27, 1994, in which he called upon the Management to
reinstate him in service, he was not reinstated in service and hence his claim
for being reinstated in service with full wages.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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