Arun Vij vs Trilok Nath Pasricha on 5 October, 2015


1. This appeal impugns order dated 27.05.2015, whereby the
application filed by the appellant (the defendant in the suit) under
Order 11 Rule 14 and Order 18 Rule 17 of the Code of Civil
Procedure, 1908 (hereinafter referred to as the CPC) seeking a
direction to the respondent (plaintiff in the suit) to produce (i)
complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police dated

13.03.2004 alongwith proof of dispatch/delivery/receipt and (ii)
relinquishment deeds dated 10.10.2003 and 16.08.2003 has been
2. The contention of the defendant is that the said documents have
been relied upon by the plaintiff in the plaint and are necessary for the
purposes of determining the disputes between the parties. It is
contended that the documents relate to the matter in question in the
suit and as such are required to be produced by the plaintiff/
respondent herein. It is contended that the documents are in the
power and possession of the respondent.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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