Arun @ Bhoot vs State on 24 May, 2016

2. DD No.7 was entrusted for investigation to HC Ashok PW-8 who,
reached the spot and met the three truck drivers, who informed that probably
the robbers ran towards the fish market. As deposed to by HC Ashok
Kumar PW-8, he parked his motorcycle in the market and went towards the
fish market and under the Azadpur Bridge 4-5 boys were seen. The truck
drivers informed that they are the robbers. A chase ensued. Three ran
away, but Jitender @ Pinki was nabbed and in his pocket was found a button
actuated knife. By this time DD No.8 had also been registered and
investigation entrusted to SI Ved Prakash PW-10 who, accompanied by
Ct.Sanjay PW-9 reached the place of the occurrence, and half his job had
already been done by then. Jitender @ Pinki was in the custody of HC
Ashok Kumar and so was the button actuated knife Ex.P-1. He seized the
knife and drew the sketch Ex.PW-5/C thereof. Jitender @ Pinki disclosed
the name of the three other co-accused. SI Ved Prakash thought it prudent
to proceed on hot pursuit straightway and not waste time in first recording
the statement of one of the three truck drivers and sending the rukka for FIR

Crl.A.No.10/2014 & conn.matters Page 3 of 7
to be registered; and in my opinion rightly so, because such kinds of crimes
need prompt chase. Since Jitender @ Pinki disclosed the jhuggis of the
three companions, Mohan’s jhuggi was the first to be identified by him. He
was apprehended with a booty of `10,000/-. The other two had managed to
run away. Therefore SI Ved Prakash recorded statement Ex.PW-5/N of Om
Prakash and made the endorsement Ex.PW-10/A thereunder and dispatched
the tehrir at 12:00 noon for FIR Ex.PW-2/A to be registered.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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