Arsheeran Bahmeech vs State ( Government Of Nct Of Delhi) on 7 October, 2015

Through : Mr.Rahul Mehra, CGSC (Crl.), Mr.Amrit
Singh, Mr.Shekhar Budakoti and
Mr.Sanyog Bahadur, Advs. for State
along with Inspr.K.L. Yadav and W/ASI
Urmila, P.S. Chanakya Puri.
Ms.Swati Sukumar, Adv. for Paripoorna
Jeevan Shelter Home.
Ms.Somy Harshan, Welfare Officer,
Paripurna Jeevan Shelter Home.
Ms.Shohini Banerjee, Support Person for

Source: Indian Kanoon

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