Arjun Prakash vs Shyam Sahani & Ors on 1 August, 2018

2. The plaintiff, and Defendants 1 to 4 in CS (OS) 1134/2008, are
all descendants, to a greater or lesser degree, of Niamat Sahni. Niamat

FAO (OS) 210/2017 Page 1 of 45
Sahni had one son and daughter. The plaintiff in CS (OS) 1134/2008,
who is the appellant before us, is her son Shyam Sahni. The daughter
of Niamat Sahni, Usha Prakash, died before the filing of CS (OS)
1134/2008. Defendants Nos 1 to 4, in CS (OS) 1134/2008, are Usha
Prakash’s husband Sarabjit Prakash, and her three sons, Sanjeev
Prakash, Rajeev Prakash and Arjun Prakash, who is the appellant
before us.

3. The remaining defendants in the suit are purchasers of various
portions of the suit property.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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