Ansu Rani vs State on 3 August, 2016

2. As per FIR, the complainant Narender Singh made a
statement before the SDM that he married his daughter Meenakshi
to Sachin according to Hindu rites and ceremonies about five years
back. In the God Bharai ceremony, he gave Rs.2100/- per person
to 65 person. The marriage ceremony was to be performed in Jeet
Farmhouse in which Rs.6 lacs were spent. Before marriage, the in-
laws had taken three gold rings, three gold chain and Rs.16 lacs for
buying a car. He spent Rs.40,000/- in the milai. Meenakshi told
the wife of the complainant that her husband Sachin used to bring
other girls in the house but they told Meenakshi to manage the
things. He further stated that Sachin, his mother, bhabhi (sister-in-
law) and nanad (sister-in-law) used to harass Meenakshi and they
also used to beat her. When the complainant’s daughter gave birth
to a son, a sum of Rs.8 lacs was demanded from the complainant to
buy a car. On 30.06.2016, accused Sachin informed Arun, son of
the complainant that Meenakshi died by hanging herself.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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