Anshul vs Mandeep Shokeen And Ors on 28 February, 2016

1. On 12.12.2008 at about 12:50 AM at Tri Nagar, Road no.37, near
Kanhaiya Nagar, Delhi, an accident occurred involving two motor
vehicles, viz. a maruti car bearing registration no.DL-2C-AG-3179
(hereinafter referred to as “the car”) and a scorpio jeep bearing
registration no.DL-8CJ-5582 (hereinafter referred to as “the jeep” or
“the offending vehicle”). The car, at the time of the collision, was
driven by Rakesh Garg. His wife Uma and two sons Mukul and
Rishabh were travelling with him. The passengers in the car also
included Tanvi, daughter of Mukesh Garg (brother of Rakesh Kumar).
The jeep, the vehicle admittedly owned by Braham Prakash, on the other
hand, was statedly driven by his son Mandeep Shokeen. As a result of
the collision Rakesh, Uma, Mukul, Rishabh & Tanvi suffered injuries
and died in the consequence.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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