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Anil Bhatia vs State Nct Of Delhi on 28 June, 2017

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1. The applicant was granted interim bail on medical grounds for
a period of four weeks vide order dated 26.05.2017 passed by Roster
Bench in Crl.M.B. No.920/2017.

2. The applicant through the present application had applied for
extension of interim bail for a further period of six weeks on the
ground that he is going to be operated upon on 02.07.2017.

3. It is the case of the prosecution that his successive anticipatory
bail applications were dismissed right upto the Apex Court and that

Crl.M.A.No.10057/2017 in BAIL APPLN. 789/2017 Page 1 of 3
he was even declared a proclaimed offender. Besides this, it is also
stated that though the applicant had filed a certificate dated
12.06.2017 of Dr.Sudheer Tyagi which contains an endorsement
“Admit for surgery on 02.07.2017”, but the same doctor has given yet
another letter dated 21.06.2017 to the Medical Superintendent of
Apollo Hospital, New Delhi which says that “I advised the applicant
to try the injection Trigeminal and if he does not respond to this, can
come for surgery. Patient has requested to book him for surgery on
02.07.2017. No test has been done.”

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