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Angel Broking Ltd. vs Sharda Kapur on 9 May, 2017

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(iii) FAO No.492/2016 is filed by Ms. Sharda Kapur, the objector in

the court below under Section 34 of the Act. Objections under Section

34 of the Act were filed pleading that the Arbitration Award should not

have granted the monetary amount but instead the Arbitration Tribunal

by the Award should have directed return of the shares which were

illegally traded and sold by the broking firm M/s Angel Broking Ltd.

2. The crux of the disputes between the parties was the

allegation of Ms. Sharda Kapur that her broking firm M/s Angel

FAO Nos. 435/2016 & 492/2016 Page 2 of 12
Broking Ltd. did various trades in future and option segment in the

market without her consent and knowledge, and therefore, M/s Angel

Broking Ltd. was bound to return the shares which were illegally

traded in the future and option segment of the market.

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