Anand Mehta & Anr. vs Union Of India & Ors. on 3 June, 2016

Background facts
2. The background facts are that one Mr. Raghbir Singh, a resident of
Model Town, Ludhiana, decided to acquire a residential property in Delhi
on ownership basis. He approached Smt. Vidyawati and her sons for that
purpose. Smt. Vidyawati owned the property in question having acquired it
under a registered Gift Deed in October, 1950. Initially Mr. Raghbir Singh
negotiated to purchase the right, title and interest in the whole of the
terrace floor with mumty over the ground floor together with 50%
undivided share in the plot of land at a total consideration of Rs. 3. 25 lakh.

3. Accordingly, an Agreement to Sell was entered into on 11th July, 1992
between Mr. Raghbir Singh on the one hand and Smt. Vidyawati and her
sons on the other. There was some delay in Smt. Vidyawati discharging
her obligations. Further negotiations between the parties aimed at selling
the entire property to Mr Raghbir Singh were not successful. Instead Smt
Vidyawati offered the rear portion to Mr. Raghbir Singh for a total
consideration of Rs. 7.50 lakh and in acceptance thereof he had paid Rs. 3
lakh to Smt. Vidyawati.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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