Alupro Building Systems Pvt Ltd vs Ozone Overseas Pvt Ltd on 28 February, 2017

1. The Petitioner, Alupro Building Systems Private Limited, has in this
petition under Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
(‗Act’) challenged the impugned Award dated 14th November 2014
passed by the sole Arbitrator in the disputes between the Petitioner and
the Respondent, Ozone Overseas Private Limited, arising out of the four
Purchase Orders (‗POs’) for the supply of materials for the execution of
various works awarded by the Delhi Metro Rail Project to the Petitioner.

Background facts
2. The facts are that the Petitioner, a company based in Bangalore, had
placed four separate POs dated 4th October 2010, 10th November 2010, 7th
December 2010 and 22nd February 2011 on the Respondent for the supply
of material specifically described therein. The full payments in respect of
each of the POs were made in advance by the Petitioner to the

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Source: Indian Kanoon

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