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Albaksh vs State on 7 June, 2017

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“…In her statement before the court prosecutrix deposed
that she along with her father had come from their native
Crl.Appeal No.1147/2014 Page 1 of 5
village to Delhi. Her father used to go out for work and
she used to remain in the room. One day the door of the
room remained open and the accused took her from the
room by catching hold of her hand. The accused slapped
on her face and head. Accused rubbed her body and got
her laid on the ground.”
Apart from the evidence of prosecutrix (PW-18), there is evidence
of Patrolling Officer (PW-1), Guards (PW-8 & PW-9) on the DND
Flyway, Dr. Manju Mehta (PW-5), Dr. Sujata (PW-16), Dr. Pankaj
Kumar (PW-17), who had proved the MLC of prosecutrix and the two
Investigating Officers (PW-19 & PW-20). The stand of appellant is of
being falsely implicated in this case due to a quarrel with the traffic
police at their booth, on taking of water from the booth. However,
appellant has not led any evidence before the trial court. While discarding
the defence plea and on relying on the prosecution evidence, trial court
has convicted and sentenced appellant, as noted herein above.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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