Agrim Marketing Private Limited vs — on 8 April, 2016

1. This is a first motion (joint) application filed by Agrim Marketing Private
Limited (applicant no.1/ transferor company no. 1), Aradhna Infradev Private
Limited (applicant no.2/ transferor company no. 2), Athens Computer
Technologies Private Limited (applicant no.3/ transferor company no. 3),
Balram Retails Private Limited (applicant no.4/ transferor company no. 4),
Gajodhari Chemicals Private Limited (applicant no.5/ transferor company no.
5) and S. E. Micro Housing Finance Private Limited (applicant no. 6/
transferor company no. 6) with Bhavya Electronics & Networks Private
Limited (applicant no.7/ transferee company) (hereafter collectively referred
to as the applicants) under section 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956 (in
short the 1956 Act) for approval of the scheme of amalgamation and
arrangement (hereafter referred to as the scheme).A copy of the scheme is
enclosed with the application.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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