Agreements signed between India and USA for enhancement of cooperation in health sector

On 25.06.2015, a
Memorandum of Understanding was signed between India and United States of America
(USA) for cooperation, prevention, control and management in the field of
Cancer Research and Environmental and Occupational Health. A Letter of Intent
(LoI) on Antimicrobial Resistance Research was also signed between the two
countries on the same day.

The objective of
the MoU is to strengthen the promotion and development of cooperation in the fields of clinical cancer research and
patient care delivery; Infrastructure development, training, and capacity
building;  collaboration in cancer research including basic,
translational and survivorship research, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis,
screening, treatment and control; collaboration between Centers of Excellence
and Institutions in both countries; and assessment and application of new and
cost effective cancer diagnostic technologies for public health benefits, and the
translation of technologies for global health.

The objective of
the Letter of Intent (LoI) is to strengthen cooperation between the two
countries in antimicrobial resistance research to include, mechanism of
antimicrobial resistance, comparative testing and assisting the validation of
new diagnostics, development of novel interventions, exploration
of possible patterns of AMR in neonatal intensive care units as observed in
India and the US, exploration of possible collaboration in clinical studies to
determine new and combinations/uses of old drugs etc. 

-Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Source: Legal news India

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