Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Action against women in false rape charges: Court ordered

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In passing an order against two women in separate false rape cases, the trial Court said, “Women making false rape allegations to settle personal scores need to be prosecuted and punished”. It further added, “This disturbing trend needs to be checked immediately as such cases cause intense misery and humiliation to the accused which continues even after the acquittal”.

In the first case, a woman has accused her brother – in – law of raping her in a hotel room in an intoxicated state in Jaipur in 2012 and twice at her home. ┬áThe court termed the woman as a “habitual” offender who levelled false rape cases against persons with whom she had developed intimate relationships. Earlier, she had lodged a complaint against an aged NRI whom she wanted to marry.

The additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat said, “This court would be failing in its duty if the prosecutrix (woman) is let off without punishment for giving false evidence. She is liable to be prosecuted for the offence of perjury”.

In the second case, a woman has falsely accused two youths of intoxication, gang rape and physical assault. The judge acquitted the two and directed the court to lodge a complaint against the woman for making false allegations.

The court said, “It is high time that the court should shoulder some responsibility towards the persons who are made to face the trial for false rape charges. It is very difficult, nay impossible, to restore the lost honour and dignity of a rape accused after his acquittal from the court.”

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