Act of “promiscuity” on the part of lady cannot put a man behind bar on charges of rape

Delhi High Court: Dealing
with a case where a man was convicted for committing rape upon a widow lady “X”
on pretext of marrying her, a bench of S.P. Garg J acquitted the accused,
holding that “if a fully grown up lady consents to the act of sexual
intercourse on a promise to marry and continues to indulge in such an activity
for long, it is an act of ‘promiscuity’ on her part and not an act induced by
misconception of fact”.

In the instant
case, “X” alleged that after the demise of her husband, the appellant put
‘sindoor’ on her ‘maang’ in front of her elder sisters and 3 children and
expressed desire to marry her, and thereafter forcibly established physical
relations with her several times without her consent on the assurance to talk
to his parents about their relation.

The Court observed
that “X” continued to have sexual relations with the appellant on several
occasions without demur, and raised alarm/ hue and cry only when the appellant
started avoiding her and stopped attending her telephone calls. The Court noted
that filling of ‘maang’ with ‘sindoor’ ipso facto does not create any relationship
akin to promise to marry, and that “X” was mature enough to understand the
nature and implications of the act which she consented to. The Court stated
that the conduct of the appellant was unfair/ unreasonable, as he knowingly
that “X” was a widow having 3 grown-up children, indulged in consensual sex
with her, however, conviction cannot be based upon the sole testimony of the
prosecutrix, as she failed to establish that physical relations with her were
on the false promise of marriage. Accordingly, the Court set aside the
conviction and sentence of the appellant and ordered to release him if he is
not required to be detained in any other criminal case. [Gaurav Maggo v. The
State of NCT,
Delhi, 2015 SCC OnLine Del 9866, decided on 29.05.2015]
Source: Legal news India

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