Abhishek Gupta vs State on 23 July, 2018

1. The petitioner seeks anticipatory bail in FIR No. 416/2015
under Sections 406/454/380 IPC, Police Station Mandir Marg.

2. Subject FIR was registered consequent to a transaction of sale
of a property, which the petitioner was intending to sell and the
complaint was purchasing the same. Pending the proceedings, the
parties were referred to mediation. A Settlement Agreement dated

BAIL APPLN. 129/2016 Page 1 of 2
01.06.2018 has been executed between the parties.

3. The petitioner as well as Mrs. Shikha Pahuja, the daughter of
the complainant (the complainant has since expired) are present in
Court in person. They confirm that the Settlement Agreement dated
01.06.2018 has been executed between the parties and both the parties
undertake that they shall abide by the terms of settlement agreement
dated 01.06.2018.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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