3rd WTI – CWS Jt. Academy on International Trade Law and Policy

[The following announcement is posted on behalf of the Centre for WTO Studies]The Centre for WTO Studies, in partnership with the World Trade Institute, Berne is launching the 3rd WTI – CWS Joint Academy on International Trade Law and Policy in New Delhi, from May 23 – June 17, 2016.  Taught by distinguished academics and practitioners from India and abroad, the course will equip participants with theoretical and practical insights into various issues relating to international trade. Open to law students and legal professionals in India.                                                                                                           Financial benefits include refund of the course fees to student participants successfully completing the course. The Call for Application and the Application Form for the can be downloaded from http://wtocentre.iift.ac.in/JointAcademy.asp. Last date is March 15, 2016.

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