Sat. May 8th, 2021

No. 30 Order on the Nazir for Causing Service of Proclamation of Sale (O. 21, R. 66)

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No. 30  Order on the Nazir for Causing Service of Proclamation of Sale  (O. 21, R. 66).



The Nazir of the Court.

Whereas an order has been made for the sale of the property of the judgment-debtor specified in the schedule hereunder annexed, and whereas the …. day of….. 19…, has been fixed for the sale of the said property,…. copies of the proclamation of sale are by this warrant made over to you, and you are hereby ordered to have the proclamation published by beat of drum within each of the properties specified in the said schedule, to affix a copy of the said proclamation on a conspicuous part of each of the said properties and afterwards on the Court-house, and then to submit to this Court a report showing the dates on which and the manner in which the proclamations have been published. Dated the…… day of…… . 19…


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