No. 3 Order Sending Decree for Execution to another Court (O. 21, R. 6)

No. 3  Order Sending Decree for Execution to another Court  (O. 21, R. 6).


Whereas the decree-holder in the above suit has applied to this Court for a certificate to be sent to the Court of…….. at……. for execution of the decree in the above suit by the said Court, alleging that the judgment-debtor resides or has property within the local limits, of the jurisdiction of the said Court, and it is deemed necessary and proper to send a certificate to the said Court under Order XXI, rule 6, of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, it is

Ordered: That a copy of this order be sent to …….. with a copy of the decree and of any order which may have been made for execution of the same and a certificate of non-satisfaction. Dated the……… day of……. 19….

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