Sat. May 8th, 2021

No. 21 Preliminary Decree in a Suit for Dissolution of Partnership and the Taking of Partnership Accounts

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No. 21  Preliminary Decree in a Suit for Dissolution of Partnership and the Taking of Partnership Accounts.


It is declared that the proportionate shares of the parties in the partnership are as follows:- It is declared that this partnership shall stand dissolved [or shall be deemed to have been dissolve veld as from the… .day of…….. and it is ordered that the dissolution thereof as from that day be advertised in the…….Gazette, etc. And it is ordered that…… be the receiver of the partnership-estate and effects in this suit and do get in all the outstanding book-debts and claims of the partnership. And it is ordered that the following accounts be taken:- 1. An account of the credits, property and effects now belonging to the said partnership;

2. An account of the debts and liabilities of the said partnership;

3. An account of all dealings and transactions between the plaintiff and defendant, from the foot of the settled account exhibited in this suit and marked (A), and not disturbing any subsequent settled accounts. And it is ordered that the goodwill of the business heretofore carried on by the plaintiff and defendant as in the plaint mentioned, and the stock-in-trade, be sold on the premises, and that the…… 1may, on the application of any of the parties, fix a reserved bidding for all or any of the lots at such sale, and that either of the parties is to be at liberty to bid at the sale. And it is ordered that the above accounts be taken, and all the other acts required to be done be completed, before the….. .. .day of…….. and that the……… do certify the result of the accounts, and that all other acts are completed, and have his certificate in that behalf ready for the inspection of the parties on the……… day of……. And, lastly, it is ordered that this suit stand adjourned for making a final decree to the..’ …….day of………….

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