Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

No. 2 Security for Appearance of a Defendant Arrested before Judgment (O. 38, R. 2)

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No. 2 Security for Appearance of a Defendant Arrested before Judgment (O. 38, R. 2).


Whereas at the instance of………. the plaintiff in the above suit, the defendant, has been arrested and brought before the Court; And whereas on the failure of the said defendant to show cause why he should not furnish i security for his appearance, the Court has ordered him to furnish such security: Therefore I………… have voluntarily become surety and do hereby bind myself, my heirs and executors, to the said Court, that the said defendant shall appear at any time when called upon while the suit is pending and until satisfaction of any decree that may be passed against him in the said suit; and in default of such appearance I bind myself, my heirs and executors, to pay to the said Court, at its order, any sum of money that may be adjudged against the said defendant in the said suit. Witness my hand at……… this ……… day of ……… 19 … Witnesses. 1. 2.

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