No. 19 By Tenant against Landlord, with Special Damage

No. 19 By Tenant against Landlord, with Special Damage.


A. B., the above-named plaintiff, states as follows:-

1. On the …… day of…… 19… , the defendant, by a registered instrument, let to the plaintiff [the house No. …… Street] for the term of …… years, contracting with the plaintiff that he, the plaintiff, and his legal representatives should quietly enjoy possession thereof for the said term.

2. All conditions were fulfilled and all things happened necessary to entitle the plaintiff to maintain this suit.

3. On the …… day of …… 19… , during the said term, E.F., who was the lawful owner of the said house, lawfully evicted the plaintiff therefrom, and still withhold the pos- session thereof from him.

4. The plaintiff was thereby [prevented from continuing the business of a tailor at the said place, was compelled to expend …… rupees in moving, and lost the custom of G.H. and I.J. by such removal].

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