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No. 11 Admission of Facts Pursuant to Notice (O. 12, R. 5)

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No. 11  Admission of Facts Pursuant to Notice  (O. 12, R. 5).

(Title as in No. 1, supra)

The defendant [or plaintiff] in this suit, for the purposes of this suit only, hereby admits the several facts respectively hereunder specified, subject to the qualifications or limitations, if any, hereunder specified, saving all-just exceptions to the admissibility of any such facts, or any of them, as evidence in this suit:

Provided that this admission is made for the purposes of this suit only, and is not an admission to be used against the defendant [or plaintiff] on any other occasion or by any one other than the plaintiff [or defendant or party requiring the admission].

E.F., pleader [or agent] for defendant

[or plaintiff]

To G. H., pleader [or agent[ for plaintiff [or defendant].

Facts admitted Qualifications or limitations, if any, subject to which they are admitted
1 That M died on 1st January, 1890 1
2 That he died intestate 2
3 That N was his lawful son 3 But not that he was his only lawful son.
4 That O died 4 But not that he died on the 1st April, 1896.
5 That O was never married 5

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