WILL OF A DISABLED PERSON IN FAVOUR OF WIFE AND DAUGHTER (sample and format of wills in India)
Now I am about 60 years old and I am in a sound disposing state of mind. But as my legs and hands are shaking due to cough and asthma from which I am now suffering, I have made the following arrangement with regard to my immovable and movable properties so that there may not be any objections by my heirs and others after my life-time. I have a wife, son, daughter by name arshi, arun and kamla respectively. I got my son married with a girl by name pooja. About two years after the marriage my son by name arun died. After the death of the said son of mine, I gave to my daughter-in-law pooja, all the stridhan properties that were given to her at the time of her marriage and I gave also a cash amount of Rs. 1,800 (in words rupees twelve hundred) towards here life-long maintenance and obtained the deed of relinquishment of maintenance also. I got also the marriage of my daughter kamla performed with gursev, resident of ludhiana. Now my wife arshi and my daughter kamla are alive. After my life-time my wife arshi should take possession of my immovable properties belonging to me, that is, the lands which are in my possession and enjoyment and which are in the fields of village sonepat, allahabad, shimla and karnal in this taluk and the house and the hay rick yard in delhi, and the entire movable and immovable properties without alienating them in any manner. After her life- time, my daughter kamla, shall enjoy (the said property) with powers of gift, sale, etc. But neither my heirs nor others shall have any manner of right or interest. This will come into effect after my life-time. I shall have the power to cancel this will whenever I please. To this effect is this Will executed by me out of free Will.



witness no.1:


witness no.2




above is the sample format of WILL by a disabled person in favour of wife and daughter. You may download the pdf as well.

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